Bella is a young female stray that I adopted at the Animal Rescue League in Boston in January of 2007. She was 8 months old then and captured my heart. There were only a couple of kittens available and all of them were in the back, shy and unresponsive. Bella, named Tammy at the time, was the only kitten in the front of the cage looking for attention. When you go to adopt a pet there's always that one that is perfect, and Bella was it. Ever since that day Bella has been a valued part of my life. She's a quiet cat, well behaved, and loves affection. I can't imagine my life without her.

If you ever want to adopt a cat, please go to your local shelter. There's always a cat that needs your love. Some are homeless strays, and some come from abusive backgrounds. 70% of cats that end up in shelters are put to sleep because no one will adopt them. Animals from pet shops will find a home, and purchasing from a pet shop supports breeding which can be a horrible practice of mass breeding animals in horrible conditions. When you adopt a pet from a shelter you know you're saving a life.


One day when taking pictures she began playing with the strap.

Bella also likes to watch toilets flush. She sometimes scratches at the door so she can come in and watch it when it flushes.

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